Monday, August 27, 2012

A Quick Overview

Everyone uses Knives whether it is for Cooking, Working, Collecting, Etc.  I have bought tons of different companies knives and there are very few that I would recommend to people. Now I'm sure you've all seen the knife shows on TV late at night. Well I do have to say I have seen a few knives on there that looked great but once I ordered and got them they were definitely of a lower quality then they described.  Now I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering where I got them from, but I mean there is taking creative license with the description and then there is flat out lying. Well I can tell you that you will only get my honest and true opinion on any items that I review. Now to start I will be writing a few review for Items that I did not get for free and I am not getting paid to write these reviews. I am doing this as a show of good faith to you the viewers and any potential companies that would like to have me do a review. Now on to the fun stuff. The information you have all been eagerly awaiting. I will be reviewing a couple big name Knife companies like Gerber, Cold Steel, Masters Of Defence MOD, Caphlon and More. I will also be writing reviews on electronics, couponing, deals, giveaways, and much much more. You can also Check out more reviews and other giveaways at

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