Monday, September 3, 2012

Masters Of Defense MOD Knives "Razorback"

Blackhawk MOD Masters Of Defense "Razorback Knife"

I purchased this Knife about 5 years ago and it has stood up to anything and everything I have thrown at it including actually using it as a throwing knife. Now just like any knife it is not impervious to damage but this knife is definitely one of the most sturdy knives I has ever owned. I used it for over a year straight as my workhorse knife doing everything from prying to opening cans even cutting meat. The edge holds up to it all. Over the time I was using it I only had to sharpen it 3-4 times and though I don't recommend it I can attest that the tip stood up to being dropped straight on to concrete and even though it rounded the tip slightly it also took a decent chip out of the concrete. Most knives if I were to drop them tip first on to concrete the tip would just break right off. I am also a stickler for details and Masters Of Defense is one company I can say is just as big a stickler for details. They are one of the first companies to actually get the blood groves symmetrical and the grind lines and bevel marks on the sides are almost perfectly aligned. You can not find a better fixed blade knife for $75. Now here are the specs from the manufacturer's site, along with their website so you can check out the other great products they offer.


Designed by expert knife tactician Massad Ayoob, the Razorback-Trocar is a tactical medical knife that was designed in cooperation with the International School of Tactical Medicine. Its zero-ground blade with scalpel-sharp tip and depth-index grooves allow for precise control during tactical medical procedures.

• Blade length: 3.875”/98 mm
• Overall length: 8.400”/213 mm
• Blade material: AUS8A stainless steel
• Blade finish: Black PVD coating
• Edge type: Plain edge or partially serrated with zero-ground tip
• Handle material: Injection-molded, fiberglass reinforced nylon
• Sheath: Injection-molded nylon with TCCS™ hardware system

15RT00BK = Plain
15RT10BK = Serrated


  1. Great review! There's nothing like having a great knife like this on hand, love the handle looks like it has a good grip!

  2. What a great review... Looks like a reliable knife to have on hand.

  3. Maybe I should get one for the Old Man. He is always destroying his after a few months