Friday, September 21, 2012

Ozeri Brezza II

So I was working with some other blogs and I decided I would enter one of the giveaways. I ended up winning an "Ozeri Brezza II" fan and I have to say this fan is incredible. For it only being a 10" fan it pushes out a lot of air. I have had plenty of fans in my life especially since I am originally from California. So I am no new comer to fans but this one takes the cake. It not only has three different settings for fan speed but it also rotates 180 degrees side to side and about 90 degrees front to back. There are plenty of reasons I could give you for why you should buy this fan but I think the best way is to try one out yourself. Though since I have one I will go over some of the finer points of the fan the quality and pricing. So first you have the adjustable speeds as well as the rotation but I haven't mentioned yet the fact that this fan can be mounted. That's right mounted on the wall, ceiling, or your desk so you won't knock it off. The other benefit is the sound. Even on it's highest setting it is very quiet. So much so that it doesn't even disturb my 1 year old baby girl when she is sleeping. Over all I am very happy with this products quality and value. I hope that in the future I will be able to work with Ozeri and write more reviews on their products. If you would like more information about Ozeri and their products check them out at or you can buy their products on This fan retails for $79.99 or you can get them on Amazon.

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